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The group activities comprise research and teaching in the area of Interactive Visualization and Visual Analytics.

We combine interactive visualization with data analysis techniques for decision making. We develop new visual-interactive techniques for

  • Data exploration

  • Data analysis

  • Data presentation and publishing

We deal with large and complex data sets such as

  • Graphs (e.g., contact networks, social networks, financial networks, protein interactions, transportation networks, …)
  • Movement data (e.g., in transportation, sports,…)
  • Various biologic and medical data (e.g. patient data, infections, CT, proteins, phylogenies, high-throughput data,…)
  • Time series (e.g., temperature, financial data, earth observations,…)
  • Multivariate data (e.g., screening data, socioeconomic data,…)

Our application areas include medicine, biology, finance & economics, sport, transportation, psychology, meteorology or journalism.

The teaching in the area of Information Visualization, Visual Analytics involves

  • Lectures and seminars in the area of information visualization and visual analytics
  • Bachelor/Master theses and praktikas